Inspire Teen Reads is a youth initiative that fosters and rekindles a love of reading among teens. As social media and school absorb more of our lives, many of us abandon this once-cherished hobby. Our goal is to help teens explore their passion for literature and to inspire via the power of reading. Through our events, we allow teens to meet like-minded youth as well as published authors. Our blogs offers book recommendations and insightful, first-person reviews.


Literature enriches life in a variety of ways. It promotes empathy and worldliness, critical thinking—and a sense of "the big picture." It teaches life lessons and reconnects us with our own humanity. Thus, it's important that teens carry on a lifelong interest in reading. We at Inspire dedicate ourselves to helping in this journey.


Join us in our mission today! Apply for the annual INSPIRE Teen Reads event, located in Toronto, Philadelphia, and Providence.

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