How To Get Involved


Though we do our best at Inspire Teen Reads, it takes a whole community to promote reading and encourage teens to reap all the benefits of literature. That being said, we would love to have you help us out! Get involved by following the tips below:

  • Keep on reading! By continuously seeking out new authors and relevant reads, you can help support authors and local book providers.

  • Do  you have a recommendation for interesting reads? Did you find a book particularly amazing or particularly awful? Send us your art, reviews, and top ten lists to be featured on our blog of student writers.

  • Keep your eyes open and follow our social media pages in case of volunteer opportunities or new events.

  • Participate in our events! From the annual book pitch event by the Harbourfront to book clubs at your local library, Inspire has a ton of opportunities for you to help grow your skills and raise awareness for your passions.